Moonlit market


being okay

On the seventh day of Christmasmy true love sent to me:                                        7 Swans a Swimming.                                6 Geese a Laying.                                         5 Golden Rings.                                             4 Calling Birds.                                                  3 French Hens.                                                2 Turtle Doves.                                             and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

For me Christmas is the time of the year where you are allowed to let down your guard and just enjoy the merry spirits of Christmas.
The year has been long, but is slowly dwindling down to a close, yet it has felt like a whirlwind of emotions, self-growth and self-discovery.

I’ve laughed
I’ve cried (a lot)
But best of all I’ve learnt.

This year has taught me, that it is alright to say no. Even to the people that are closest to you. Sometimes (most times) it’s okay to look after yourself and do the things that you want to do, rather then to ponder about how people see you.


For instance, staying at home and watching a movie instead of going out to a party, or trick or treaty on Halloween with a bunch of friends, because you are never too old for sweets, and not care about who is judging you.

I learnt that people are going to let you down. No matter how hard you try for a friendship or a relationship, sometimes you’re not going to be the first priority and that’s okay. For the first time in my life I have come to terms with that and have really accepted it as a blessing and have learnt that at the end of the day it doesn’t define me if people don’t want me in their lives, but gives me time to grow and have patience for those who do.

  I’ve learnt that life goes on, and that there is no point on stressing over the things you can’t be changed because stress ties you down from enjoying the simple, beautiful things that everyday life beholds.

This year I wrote class 11 exams, the exams that are supposed to get you one step into the door of university. I have never felt so much pressure in my life, I studied extremely hard, and at the end of the day after I had writen the exams the ready lets results were out of my hands, and I realized that; if you have worked and have done the best that you feel that you could have possibly done, then whatever happens, happens.


I have learnt that just like the ever changing seasons people change, and sometimes change is good because it prepares you for the next stage of your life. Sometimes you have to let go of the people you thought loved you, to make room for the people who will love you.

And I’ve just learnt that being okay and just dwelling in the moment is okay. Sometimes life isn’t always laughs and fun, sometimes life is just sad and tiring, and it’s okay to dwell in that part of life, as long as you are willing to accept the light at the end of the dark tunnel.


People change, you change and grow, but never forget to be true to yourself and enjoy the things that make you happy! Do the thingsthat you want to do this festive season and just enjoy life.

A Christmas memory 

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me:                                             6 Geese a Laying.                                           5 Golden Rings.                                              4 Calling Birds.                                              3 French Hens.                                               2 Turtle Doves                                               And a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Christmas for me hasn’t always been the warm Summer’s of the sunny South Africa, but rather the cold snowy weather of Europe.

  Growing up I was lucky enough to experience the glories of a white Christmas. I remember  the cold  winter breeze blowing across my face as I walked along the high streets of London. The rain pitter pattering softly as I sat next to my parents on the red double decker buses. And the snow! The snow that arrived as silently as the night on a lovely cool winters day. 

 Christmas for me has always been about spending time with the family and enjoying the festive energy it brings. My family whilst away in London, we would always fill the house with jolly Christmas songs and lights, dancing around the house with great big smiles in our faces.

Christmas Eve was always the most thrilling. The anticipation of whether or not “Saint Nicholas” had brought all the gifts that we had asked for. Staying up way to late the night before and just watching the cars drive by from inside the window, to stay awake not having a care in the world, as we were placed safely in the warmth of the house.

  Christmas Day, was always the best. It was always a Race to wake up early and to see if all the presents had arrived safely. Then my siblings and I would excitedly wait to open them and that seemed to take longer then ever, as we waited for my parents to wake up. The lovely smells that woft from the kitchen as my Mother prepared to surve the big lunch that we would all feast on with the family. Finally the time we would spend together watching Christmas movies in my parents bedroom until we fell asleep,just being completely grateful for the day, and for each other.

 Oh what fun Christmas brings.  

Harry Potter in a year

On the fifth day of Christmas.               my true love sent to me:                               5 Golden Rings.                                              4 Calling Birds.                                             3 French Hen.                                                 2 Turtle Doves.                                           and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

This year I decided it was time to take the liberty and read the best selling books of Harry Potter after 16 years of living.

The 7 books turned out to be everything I expected, and more.  It was amazing, adventurous and extremely full of life.

Honestly before I read this series I thought to myself what’s all the hype about, however now that I have read all seven books, I realize how much it has changed me. The books have just made me see life in a whole new light and it has really influenced my thoughts.

10 things the Harry Potter books have taught me:


Follow and Trust your instincts:  I think this is Virtue that everyone should have and it is seen in Harry throughout the books but especially when he was confronted with the existence of the “deathly hallows.”sometimes it’s okay to follow the crowd, but if you have a gut feeling trust it and let it guide you, no matter what anyone else believes.

Love always wins: this is a hard one to confront, and sadly a lot of people don’t believe in it, but it is completely true and at the end of the day it does conquer hate and all the bad. This is a quality seen in Harry when he would rather sacrifice himself for the ones he loves, rather than to let them suffer. This attitude altimately defeated Tom riddle as he never experience the true  meaning of love in his life


Love those around you, because you never know how long they are going to be alive: life is a precious thing and you never know when you’ve said your last goodbye until it’s to late, throughout the series Harry meets people that influence his life, and a lot of the people he loved died in the end, such as Dumbledore, Sirius, Tonks, Lupin and Fred, just name a few. This is a hard one to grasp, but if you just live in the moment and truly appreciate those around you, you will live with no regrets.

Trust that there is a greater purpose: Dumbledore really proved that there is a greater purpose although he wasn’t perfect, in the end he sacrifice his life towards the greater good, and didn’t just live for himself. Harry lived out the greater purpose by realizing that there is more to life then just himself, and sometimes in life, we need to look up from our day to day problems and realize that we have a greater purpose then just living for  ourselves.  

Not everyone is who they seem, and sometimes that’s not all bad: This is seen through Dumbledore and Snape, but esprescially Snape. We all hoped that he was as evil and we thought he was, but when he gives Harry his memories, we realize that he was not cruel or evil. His purpose was not to be loved but rather to challenge our perceptions of the way we see the people around us, the ones that are protecting us and the ones that are truly against us.

Death should not be feared: for me it’s never been the fear of death rather the time in which I’ll leave and where I’ll be going, Harry Potter really confronts death through out the whole series. We all know that it’s coming and Harry chose to face it head on and because of that the fear of where he was going was dismissed with his hope that his sacrifice will help the ones he loved. We should not dwell in death but rather know that when it comes it’s the start of a completely new book.  
Trust has to be earned not given: this is seen through the sevent book through the relationships Harry chooses to make. For instance president Fudge, was unable to receive Harry’s trust due to his inability to see past his own needs. However Harry’s relationship towards Kreacher changed to one of respect as they realized how to treat each other.  
Chocolate always wins: hahaha this is just a funny one, but a very true one. When Harry was confronted by the dementors he is told to eat chocolate as it warms the body. So whoever told you chocolate is bad, it’s all lies.

There are limits to evil: this is seen through Voldemort, who is unable to see through his need for power, and is defeated  by Harry because he was unable to believe that love is more powerful the all the evil on the earth. I believe that love always wins, do you?

Face your fears and you’ll end up on top: this is seen through Harry conquering death and ended up living a happy life. Are you will to do the things that challenge you, that make you feel uncomfortable to live a brilliant life. This is obviously easier said then done, but a believe that with one step at a time you will reach your goals. 


    A list of some of favourite Christmas songs

    On the fourth day of Christmas.           my true love sent to me:                             4 Calling Birds.                                              3 French Hens.                                               2 Turtle Doves.                                          and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.


    Jingle bell rock by Bobby helms-I love the song not only for its up tempo rhythm, but because every time I hear the song I see, the girls from “mean girls strutting their stuff. ” 

    I love listening to hallelujah the Jeff Buckley Versionas as well as the version done by Bon jovi- because the song has such amazing emotion and soul that gives you the sensation of complete serenity and puts you straight into Christmas mode. 

    Jingle bells- because that is a complete classic, and even though you have heard it a thousand times on repeat you still get that eye rolling urge to sing along. 

    Silent night- another classic that just connects the meaning of Christmas, and the birth of Christ in a simple, meaningful way that exudes the angelic tone of heavens gates. 

    Hark the Herold angels sing, and ring Christmas bells are polar opposites the one which is very up beat and the other which I airy are wonderful Christmas tunes- however the fact that I have been singing them in choir for the past few weaks in that off key tone that never seems to change, takes away from these songs greatness.

    The non traditional stuff, bob marlie and the island, Trinidad and Tobago songs, thanks to my many grandparents who instilled in me Christmas is not a party without some island tunes. 

    and some whitney Houston, such as i want to dance with somebody, the children are our future (we are) – because her music to me never gets old. 

    Some let it snow is always nice- because even though I live in South Africa and exprience extremely warm temperatures during Christmas, let us snow always gets me into a merry spirit.
    And lastly but not least L-O-V-E buy Nat King Cole covers by Louis amanti -because everyone needs a little bit of love during the Christmas period.



    On the third day of christmas my true love sent to me:
    3 french hens,
    2turtle doves,
    and a partridge in a pear tree.

    Family: A bunch of people who hate each other and are forced to eat dinner together. (Well according to urban dictionary).

    Yes, I know that made you laugh.


    The truth is family is one of the most important things we have in life. Yes, we don’t get to choose exactly which family we are going to end up in, but on a deeper level we choose and are given the tools and life we think we can handle.


    To me, family is like a board game; more specifically snakes and ladders that are in puzzle piece form. Yes there are many ups and downs, and yes, the direction in life and the path may change and few new pieces here or there, but when you get to the end it, is smooth sailing.

    I remember when my parents got divorced, I thought “oh no! My family is not whole anymore,” but I’ve realized and am still figuring out that although my parents relationship may have changed, the “unit” family is still the same. I feel that my parent’s divorce has really changed the way I see a lot of things in my life. I’m extremely close to my sisters and have seen my mother blossom over the last few years. I’ve also come to the realization that life is not perfect and I think that has helped me to built strong relationships.

     Family (the real definition): the people you love and love you back, not necessarily by blood or are biological, but you trust them and they trust you, and they take care of you and you take care of them. (Also according to urban dictionary).

    Family is that warm fuzzy feeling you have when you wake up after a lie in on a Sunday morning. Family is the place where you form your own opinions and create your own voice. Family is the place where you are judged the most but not at all, all at the same time. Family is an invisible connection that is always there even when you are far apart. Family is like a home it is nothing without the people and relationships we form with each other along the way.


    So as we get into the festive mood, we should appreciate and acknowledge our family, for the things they taught us and the things that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.


    Just Love, accept and forgive one-another this festive season.

    A letter to a friend

    On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me:
    2 turtle doves
    And a partridge in a pear tree.

     I always used to think that having a best friend and a large group of friends the most important thing in the world. Then one-day life happened, reality hit me like a lightening strike, and I realized, it’s not about the amount of friends you have but the relationships you have with people that just get you. So due to that I would like to dedicate this to my wonderful friends.

     Dear friend

    What a joy it is to say I have you, in my life.
    Other then the fact that you’ve stuck by my side, and endured my constant complains about the things you think I should not change about myself, I would like to say thank you.
    Thank you, not only for the laughs and good times, but also for the deep conversations and truth telling that we have had together.
    Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on when I didn’t want to show any emotion.
    Thank you for not breaking my “achy breaky heart” (inside joke).
    And for watching movies together over Skype, which turned out to be illegal, haha (not really) good times, (another inside joke).


    But most of all thanks for being you, because without the person you are today I wouldn’t have turned out to be who I am.
    So be strong, stay true to you,
    And I hope to have you in my presence for a very long time.

    Lots of love.


    Send something nice to the people around you that make you, you this festive season and treasure those around you, because you never know when life will hit.

    Hakuna Matata

    On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me:
    a partridge in a pear tree.

      As we enter into the wonderful month of December, and get ready for our families to come together, or to eat more food and just enjoy the company of our loved ones, we should be able to let go of the problems of the year and just enjoy the wonderful energy the festive season brings. With that in mind the phrase “Hakuna Matata” came to me.”

    Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase
    Hakuna Matata, ain’t no passing craze
    It means no worries for the rest of your days
    It’s our problem free philosophy, Hakuna Matata

    For those of you who have not been well educated and don’t know this phrase from the lion king, you should feel ashamed of yourselves, but other then that awkward side glance you’ll get from your friend (who knows all), “Hakuna Matata” means no worries.

      And as we enter into the Christmas period, I think we should leave our worries behind and just enjoy the now. So as you step into the mall for that last minute gift shopping or wrapping paper, don’t let the craze of people get to you. Take a deep breathe and fight off the urge to shout or swear and see the situation rather as a comedy show, as thousands of people stampeed around you like hungry lions looking for a water hole. Trust me your time at the mall will be ten times more enjoyable.


    Look after yourselves, and those around you. For instance if you wake up early in the mornings and are driving and there is someone running on the road, exercising,(god forbid) instead of almost running them over, slow down and drive around them. If you have some extra change, food or clothes give it to someone who needs it.

    And just smile. If there is one thing that I’ve learnt this year it is that anger never solves the problem. So if someone dissapionts you, lets you down or just doesn’t turn out to be who you though they were, don’t let that get you down. Instead just smile and think of the things that make you happy, things that you can do without them, and just enjoy the holidays, no matter what!

      As my mom always says “fake it until you become it” and with that in mind, sing along now…

    It means no worries for the rest of your days
    It’s our problem free philosophy, Hakuna Matata.

    Being human

    Mirror, mirror on the wallWhat is it about us that makes us fall.

    Is it the fame the, beauty the money or the greed

    Or the pure lack of our sense of humanity.

    To be human is to step outside of ourselves, to break away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, and to acknowledge people for their core being. 
    Now you may be questioning how do I do that? People are so cruel, people scare me, you are a person where do you fall in that spectrum?
    The truth is, it purely starts with YOU! People always seem to question why our world is in upheaval, why it is that there are wars, gender inequality, racial discrimination, well that’s just it. We all seem to hold ourselves on a high plateau “it’s me this, me that,” but until we are able to say “it’s us this, and us that,” the world is never going to change.
    I remember when I started high school , racial discrimination became very visible to me. I was the only black girl in my class, at the time, although most of the South African population is black(just saying,however that is not the point), and there was always this underlying stigma that I wasn’t black enough. Like, what does that even mean, yes I don’t act like I am uneducated. yes I don’t speak like I don’t understand English. yes I don’t speak a South African language fluently, because me family isn’t from this country originally. And yes I don’t let people belittle me, BUT that has nothing to do with how black I am. It has to do with who I am as a person.
    My race shouldn’t limit my opportunities or how I’m seen in the world but it does.
    To be human is to work together, it is to set aside all the Me stuff and choose the Us stuff. It is choosing to great people as you pass them by. while rushing off to work. It is helping the man who just dropped all the carrots in the grocery store. Or it it is just by acknowledging every living human around you. without any pretenses or judgement. 
    It is said that it only takes two percent of the people in the world to change the world. 
    What are you going to be, a changer or a viewer?

    Be the change, it starts with you.

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