Hello everyone,this is an introduction to my blog thinking-out-loud-mem, and it’s purpose.

The name:                                                    I named the blog thinking-out-loud-mem, as a form of self expression , a place where I am able to express what I am thinking on the inside, and to therefor share it with the world, rather then keeping it bottled up on the inside. MEM, just represents my initials.

The purpose of thinking-out-loud-mem, is a platform for me to :

1) To share my life experiences and for you the reader to see the world through my eyes. It’s a safe place for me to learn and grow through my writing.

2) To meditate on certain words, and to see how they make me feel.

3) To have a general discussion on how curtain words are put into practice, whether it be through spoken word, art, poetry,or songs.

So, today’s word is Prolegomenon. Prolegomenon is a Latin word that is derived from Greek. The word means, an introduction to a story or book.




this word is relevant for today’s blog, as I am giving you a look at what’s to come in this new self expressive adventure. I hope you will join me on this new journey.


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