Personality vs Character

hello everyone, so a few weeks ago, I was in a dance class, and my dance teacher told me that one of her goals for the year is to find her true character and change the things of her personality that do not express who she really is. 

This statement really stuck with me, and I decided to do some research to find out what the difference between personality and character are, and why we sometimes confuse them.

The Greek word for personality is prosōpon, which means face,or mask, worn in theatre. The Latin word for personality is persōna, and this is translated as a mask worn by an actor, that can change due to the different characters one has to play. The Greek and Latin translations are similar, and they both show that a personality is something that is not solid, but changes in different situations. 

The Greek word for character is kharaktēr, which is translated as a mark or token impressed on a person or thing, and this is what the person or thing is known by. The Latin word for character is character, which is translated as an imprint or mark from a stamp. Something that has been engraved. The Latin and Greek are similar and they tell us that a character is something solid, once formed it cannot be changed.

After learning and hearing about the differences between ones character and personality , I decided to look inside myself and came up with my own definitions for both words.

My definitions:

Personality: is who you are, based on experiences and circumstances,they are a set of traits you’ve picked up. Eg: happy, lazy, tired, angry etc.                                                                                                  

Character: is who you really are the core you,you as a soul.

I now realize that as humans we tend to hide behind our personality and call that real, when at the end of the day it’s not who we really are it’s just a mask.

This poem by Shel Silverstein describes how we hide ourselves behind masks, searching for the people that are like us and never finding them, because we choose to hide who we really are,just like the people around us.

In a station of the metro by Ezra pound:                                                         In a station of the metro.                                                                                                              The apparition of those faces in the crowd.                                                                          Pettles on a wet, black bough.

The poem above describes, a metro, on a cold winters day. Everyones head is down, as they hide themselves away from the world. However in the distance a pink face pokes out exposing who they are.

My question to you today is this, are you going to be a person of personality,continuously hiding behind a mask, or are you going to be the one of character, the face in a crowd who shows the world who they really are?


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