Day 2 of Giving

My gift for today was one of giving.


Giving is the process of “freely transferring a possession of something to someone else” 

The word giving is derived from old English giefan,gefan and has Germanic origin from the word geben


Today I gave away a milk tart to a dear friend of mine that works at my school. It made me feel so good to give away something that I my self wanted to eat, and the happiness it gave me, when I saw the smile on her face thanking me will always stay with me. 


However the funny thing about give something away to someone, is that you can never seem to find them. I mean I searched the whole school during break and I just couldn’t find her, and just as I was about to give up searching for herI found her and there was sense of knowing in her eyes. 


At first when I handed the pastiery to her I felt a little awkward, not for myself, but because I didn’t want her to feel like she owed me anything, because giving without expecting anything is the best way to give and the best way to live your life.


One thing that I have realized about giving is that you as an individual have to be willing to receive things for yourself. For instance in this day and age compliments are a rear thing to receive, however whenever we as people receive them we are unable to reply with just “thank you”, we also seem to find something that is wrong with ourselves. This happens, because as people we are critical of our selves and we are unable to let the world see who we are for what it is.


Open yourself up to receive the good that the universe has planned for you and give as you may want to receive, with open arms. 

                                                                                                                                             – MEM


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