Day 3

The gift of being as non-judgmental as possible

 This gift giving was extremely hard, because human nature teaches us to judge. There is a saying that goes:you only get one chance to make a first impression on someone. So once they meet you one the way they meet you is the way that they will remember you.

For me giving this gift had many parts to it, some extremely simple but others overwhelmed me to the point of realization of who really I am as a person.

The definition of the word judgment is: the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions. 


However the definition of a judge is either a public officer appointed to decide cases in a law court, or a person able or qualified to give an opinion on something.

The definition of a judge states that one has to be qualified and to me an ordinary human what that means, in order to have the right to fully judge another person, 1) we as people have to know our selves on a level of non-judgment, and 2) we gave have to know that no human is perfect therefore other peoples choices will only affect us if we allow them to.


My giving started with a simple goodbye, because the person I had given the milk tart to was leaving the school, never to return. Her name is Bertha, and when I asked her why her simple reply was I don’t know? My reaction was one of shock, because this lady had been extremely loving and sweet. So I wished her well and did not try to judge or analyze the situation.


My second part of giving, was when I was talking to my Zulu teacher, and we started up a conversation of divorce and so on, and it was very interesting just to listen, and not try to compare any of my past experiences of my parents getting divorced to any of his stories.


The third part of being non-judgmental was the hardest part for me that day. Now, before I start to tell the rest of my story I just want to state that I’m not righting this to get anyone in trouble or to expose anyone of anything, I’m righting this because it was part of my experience of my giving challenge. Okay here’s what happened, that evening I went to a party, sadly for me that was the first party I’ve been to this year, so I was pretty excited I went home with my friends and that’s when the gift giving challenge truly began. Throughout the night I was faced with situations in which I could have judged everyone of the people in the room, but then I decided not to, not because most of the people around me where close to me, but because I myself am not a perfect person and judging those people would have made me a hypocrite.


Being non-judgmental as possible has taught me that I am okay with who I am on the inside, it taught me that my life can only be lived by me, and that being a perfect doesn’t lead you to being happiness.



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