Day 4

 The gift of time


The definition of time is a rather interesting one, because as people we live our lives, in 24hour slots. What we don’t manage to do in a 24 hour period we try to finish in the next and so on, however time is infinite up until we die of course but how we us it is extremely strange. As people we are caught up in this exsistance of when we are awake trying to get everything done, or when we are a sleep trying to recover from when we were awake. However we get so caught up in what work we have to finish today rather then, who we are and What energy we put out into the world.


Time is an indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.


Time originates from the Old English word tīma, which has Germanic origin; dating back from late Middle English when time meant: to do something at particular moment.


My gift was spending time with my family, without any distractions, such as work or worrying about the work that I hadn’t done. For me this gift was one of relaxation, as I was able to disconnect from my duties and just enjoy a day full of interaction. As I gave of my time I ignored the urges of what I have to do work wise, and I allowed my self to be present and in the moment with the people around me.

In order to use time wisely don’t waste all of your day working, have moments in which you spend time doing the things you love.



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