Day 6

 My gift is one of sacrifice


The definition of a sacrifice is an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.


The word sacrifice originates from Middle English and Old French, and I derived from Latin the Latin word sacrificium which is related to sacrificus ‘sacrificial’, from sacer ‘holy’.


So today I sacrificed my running lesson work for my play work. Now you may be saying play work why would you do that. But it was all for the bigger picture. You see in my school in grade 11 you have 2 main projects your class play, which teaches the class to work together and an individual project, which teaches the individual how to manage time and to stop plagiarizing.


So today I drew the main poster for the class now you see it was a sacrifice as one I wasn’t asked to do it, but my group was and if we’re being honest with each other I was probably the only one who heard the teacher say that we need it for Monday so I decided to do it. And to be perfectly honest with you I’m pretty glad that I did it because now there is a part of me in the play that shows that I was involved.


Sacrifice your own time so that you are able to see the end result of your efforts.


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