Day 5

My gift was the giving of tithes 


To tithe is to give something physical, because the little you give can be used for the bigger picture.


The word tithe is a noun that indicates that one is to give one tenth of annual produce or earnings, formerly taken as a tax for the support of the Church and clergy.


I go to church once a week every week and I love it, but I never feel obliged to tithe as I my self don’t have an earning income. However I had a realization that giving the little that you do have is more important then keeping it all to yourself if you’re not doing anything with it. My mom always told me that in order to get more of something you have to be willing to give something else away.


So this weekend I gave away some money, now the amount doesn’t matter because it was the doing of the heart and I felt good about my giving, because I was contributing to something that I firmly believe in. 


To give openly is a good thing, to give openly to something that means something is how you change the world. Find peace in your giving and you, as an individual will grow.


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