Day 7

Today I gave a gift as a gift.

Today I gave away a lollypop, popcorn and a nail polish set to a family friend. Now you may be thinking that those gifts are rather simple and meaningless, however, the purpose of my gift was to make my friend feel better because she had fallen down the stairs on the weekend and cut her jaw. She is a young child and I knew she would like these things a long with a big hug.

This act of giving is very fulfilling as it is a gift received with happiness and a sense of “you thought about me.”

Giving should simply put a smile on your face, whether you are acknowledged for it or not. Giving is a way for you to free yourself from the selfish clasp of life. Give with an open hand and receive with an open heart.

Hope you had a great Monday receive all the gifts the universe is willing to give you, and if you don’t receive anything, well then giving something away, and that will be a gift in itself


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