Day 8

Today I dedicated a girt to myself.

Today for me, has been extremely long and productive, however it doesn’t feel like a Tuesday to me more like a Thursday. Anyways today I gave away two gifts, one to myself, and the other was to the world when I sold cupcakes and other tasty treats at my cakes sale today.

The word acceptance is a noun it is a doing action that results in the action of a person consenting to receive or undertake something offered.

The word is derived from the Latin word acceptare.

 The gift I gave to myself was acceptance and mindfulness, as I made a conscious decision to rest and meditate for an hour and then get back into the rumble and bustle of life. I am glad that I took the time to rest as every once in a while it is good to switch off and come back re-energized.

The acceptance was somewhat different and now that I am looking back on it I should be rather grateful. Today my class and I went costume shopping for the play that we are putting on at the beginning of June. For most of my class the excursion was rather successful, however for me it was rather the opposite. I couldn’t find anything, and I don’t usually like being a pain, but after trying on most of the dresses and not having any success I decide that it meant that there was another dress at another place and I shouldn’t stress. So I spoke to my teacher and she said, “you know what we’ll go somewhere else to find that dress.”

Now when she said that I was rather distressed I didn’t want her going to an expensive place just to find a dress for me. However now that I look back at the situation I am extremely grateful that she is willing to spend extra time and extra money one me so that our play will be perfect.

Learning to accept things from other people without questioning your own worth is a hard thing to do. However we should learn to accept openly and not question the way in which the world chooses to see us.


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