Day 9

Today I gave a gift to my mother.

Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday so I decided to give her a gift before her actual birthday. Now usually my mother doesn’t really like chocolates or sweet things. However there are few things she will make an exception for, and I got that exception.

What I got her was a big box of Lindt chocolate. Mmmm knowing me she better hide those chocolate… hahaha just kidding this is a gift just for her and she was truly grateful.

Just for some feedback on my gift giving, I have been receiving many gifts and my energy has been uplifted.

For instance today after school, when I was rather hungry, due to the lack of lunch that I had packed for myself. I was in play practice and my teacher looked at me and said “are you hungry” and I said, “ a little” and then she decided to pop into the shops and buy me a sandwich and get everyone in the class a chocolate. For that I am truly thankful. I also found a dress for my play today, at no expense, which is a blessing in its self. And lastly when I went to dance class today my energy was pretty low, but as soon as I started dancing I got me energy back and was able to finish my homework when I got home.

Appreciate the little things, because it is the little things that mean the most.


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