Day 12

My gift was of time and it was to my mother.

Today I had an extremely busy day, I went a five-hour basketball practice, and to say the least it was extremely intense!!

I then went home showered did some homework, and then I was off to church with the family.

So over all I had a busy day. But then as I was going to bed my mother asked me if I could make a few cards for her in the morning. Now knowing me I probably wouldn’t wake up until late morning, so I decided to make the cards at around 9:00pm in the evening. My eyelids hardly managed to stay open, but I did it. And I knew that not only would I not have to rush making the cards tomorrow morning, I knew that my mother would be extremely grateful. knowing that made the job 10 times more enjoyable.

Do everything with love and kindness, and the job will be more enjoyable


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