Day 13

My gift was one of song.


Happy Mothers day to all the mothers out there, and if you are a not a mother happy day to you.

So I love singing, it is one of my passions and my mother always likes to volunteer my voice wherever I go and sometimes that can be rather nerve racking. However I am truly thankful to my mother for making me sing, as it helps me with my confidence.

Today I went to the hospital, because a family friend was there, and she is like a mother to my mother. Now I really don’t enjoy going to hospitals in all honestly I don’t really know of anyone who does. As I was walking down the wait halls I could just feel the sadness leaching onto me, then I saw a sigh that “ silence please, silent hospitals mean happy patients.” Now when I saw that sign I totally disagreed with that, silence only makes a sick patient think about the worse case sinario of their circumstance, so then and then I decided that was going to sing to the person that we were visiting. And I did just that, I sang. It felt great and I could see a smile light up on her face and that made my extremely happy.

After the hospital I went for a lunch with the family, and then again I decided to sing, and again the reaction was a good one, and that was also a gift to me.


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