day 15

Today I gave away a gift to my sisters.

To me family is everything.

The definition of family is “a group consisting of two parents and their children living together as a unit.”

Now to me this is a very basic meaning of the word family. To me family is the place or people you feel most at home with. Family is a unit of people who live together who truly love each other, that is what family is.

So today instead of being the typical teenager ‘lazy’ I decided to wash the dishes, clean up, without any complaints. During that experience I had a realisation that even if I’m not always acknowledged for the little good that I do, that doesn’t mean I can’t do things full heartedly and enjoy what I’m doing rather then have bad energy towards everything.

Give without expecting anything in return, it will free you from the clasp of need, and you will be able to give at any moment.


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