Day 16

Today I gave a gift to myself.

Today I gave myself the gift of manfulness.

The definition of manful I someone who is able to be “brave and resolute, especially in a difficult situation”

To give to yourself is to have the awareness and bravery to realise that you as an individual matter and have an importance here on Earth.

For me this week has been extremely stressful, I’ve had moments where I haven’t had any motivation to do anything, and that is very unlike me, but life is just getting to me. So I decided that instead of slipping into the clasp of stress and panic like some of the people around me, I decide to just breath in and out slowly and just rest. I pulled myself toward myself and just evaluated what was important to me, and I realised that I would rather be mentally stable and have one piece of work unfinished, then have everything done and not have a hold on my emotions.

Knowing your personal limits will help you in the biggest of ways. Know yourself in every situation, so that you as an individual can evaluate what is right or wrong to you, not those around you.


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