Day 17

Today I gave the gift of mindfulness.

The definition of mindfulness is having “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.”

Today I was mindful toward my best friend.

Lately I have had the realisation that we as humans are unable to understand or be sympathise with what others are going though unless we have experienced it for our selves. However although we may not totally understand what people are going through, we as humans can always be there for the people around us.

Most of my small life has consisted of me knowing that I have been there for other people, and me not knowing exactualy what it is like to have people being there for me, but recently I have had the realisation, that I great people who are there for me in my life, however I cannot expect people to love the way I love. Knowing that is the key to acceptance of all people.

So today I listened, to my best friend and I was mindful towards her. And I sat there just listening, being there and understand what she was going through, I realised how delicate people are and how much we as people don’t show to the world. And I realised that yes you might being going through a battle yourself you should always give out love no matter what, because you never know how someone is going to react to what you say or do.

Be respectful of all people and realise that we as people see the world differently, therefore you will never know how someone reacts to your actions, so be sure to tread softly on peoples hearts.


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