Day 18

My gift was the acceptance of a non-perfect day.

So today is Friday the end of the week, and I guess I was excited about it because I could rest, and get rejuvenated for next week. However it didn’t happen according to plan. By the end of the day I had a huge headache. I then got home at around 5:30 dropped my bags off, tried having a shower because I just got back from basketball practice, but the water was freezing! So I decided to turn on the geyser and just as I had done that the electricity went off. So there I am sitting in the dark, rather annoyed wondering what to do with my self whilst eating a cold dinner, I had a realisation that although nothing was going the way I had planned for, it didn’t mean that everything in my life was bad, just the situation I was in. so I accepted it, even though the situation sucked.

Acceptance is the action of receiving something that has happened whether it is good or bad, but by taking in the action.

Being able to accept things whether they are right or wrong is something that one has to be able to do, so that they can receive something out of every situation and have a realisation for themselves how life is not perfect but beautiful

Instead of getting caught up in the little details of life, see the bigger picture and appreciate everything you have, because one mans nothing is another mans everything.


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