Day 19

Today I gave the gift of morning relaxation to those around me.

So it’s a Saturday and yes I know that most people like to have a lie in, but instead of having a late start to this wondrous day I woke up bright and early.

I then did some exercises and then I gave away my gift. Which was breakfast for the whole family.

I made eggs and toast, now you might be thinking ‘why such an easy meal to make,’ however when you live in a house hold with people that have specific preferences on what kind of bread and jam they eat things can get rather complicated. However I by passed all of this, because I myself am also a fussy eater.

My mother was in her bed when I announced that I was going to make her breakfast and she was rather grateful for the lie in that she had received.

It felt good to do something that seemed so little but to have made a difference.


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