Day 20

Today I gave a gift to my youngest sister

Sunday fun, well at least half of it was. Today my gift was time spent doing things with my little sister. Now I enjoy spending time with both of my sisters and we always enjoy our time spent together. However, because I have an eight year gap between my youngest sister and I, sometimes its hard spending time together, because I get home late, or I’m doing homework etc.

Never the less today I dedicated the evening to spend time with her. We road our bikes together, which was extremely funny because we ended up racing each other and then that turned into a bicycle game on who can make it up and down the road the fastest. We then went inside and played hangman, naughts and crosses and just enjoyed each other’s company. Playing those games with my sister was extremely enjoyable and a lot of fun.

Time well spend is time unwasted, so use your limited time wisely.


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