Day 21

Today I gave the gift of Articulation

The definition of articulation, is ‘the action of putting into words an idea or feeling.

That is exactly what I did today. Self-expression is a very important thing to be able to have, being able to say how you feel or what you think of something is an important tool to have for life.

So today I used this tool and just expressed to my teacher how I felt about certain dedications concerning our play and our academic studies. I was also able to express to my cast mates my feeling on how instructions are not being listened to and how time wasted will only cause the audience to not enjoy our play. So yes I guess that my gift was to myself but I was able to use words to express how I was feeling on the inside.

Use your words with intention, and if what you are about to say doesn’t add any relevance to the world then don’t say it.


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