Day 23

Today I gave the gift patience and an open mind and ear.

Today was rather enjoyable. I mean sure I was at school from 7:50am to 8:00pm but I learnt quite a lot about listening and just living in the moment and not letting time drag.

My main gift was patience, as staying at school and being with the same people for such a long time can get rather overwhelming, but I was able to enjoy their company. I remember at around 6:00 when we were all eating there was laughing and enjoyment all around. The real part of patience came when I had to sit down with a candle and just listen to a story for about an hour. This took true patience as yes I love listening to stories, but when your n a room full of people and there’s only one person telling the story, there is a lot of chance for distractions. Just being able to sit still with an open mind/ear and not drifting off, and just listening to the story took a lot of patience.

Remember to be patient and have an open mind, because you never know what is coming to you in time through your waiting.


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