Day 25

Today I gave the gift of understanding.

Sometimes in life you are going to give advice and nobody is going to take it. And today I had that understanding. Sometimes people need to make the mistakes for them selves in order to actually listen to what has been said.

Understanding is the action of comprehending what is going on in different situations.

On Thursday a friend of mine went through a lot, and as a friend you try to advise them through knowledge from a former experience or from an objective point of view. However, sometimes in life not everybody is willing to listen to you, because 1) they don’t understand what you are saying. 2) They are unable to see things in their situation from and objective point of view. Or 3) they are not ready to accept the situation they are in. and today on Friday I had that realisation that, although you can be there for people they may not always agree or listen to you.

So understanding was my gift to my friend. Understanding that I myself am not in the situation or experiencing the same emotions as my friend was the hardest part for me, because sometimes you just want to snap people out of their state and let them see the situation for what it is. But I didn’t and I just let my friend experience life her way for the time being.

Have a patience and understanding, as people are not able to see the world through your eyes.


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