Day 26

Todays gift was one of personal sacrifice.

Todays gift was personal sacrifice of time, and homework. So my parents are divorced and yes it is a rather hard experience, so finding time to spend with my father is rather scarce.

So today my sisters and I spent time with him. After most of the morning and a little bit of the afternoon with him, my sisters and I went to our cousins first birthday. Now going to one year olds party can be rather tiresome especially when there are a bunch of adults with their kids, and you are always seen as a chaperone. That was a huge sacrifice of my time considering, that I could have been at home doing homework, never the less life goes on.

Straight after the party I went to church, which was rather enjoyable. So that was my day on of true sacrifice to what I wanted to do.

Give of your time to others, knowingly as you will never get that time back.


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