Dear friend,

I may not know you personally, but I do know that within in you, you contain an essence of golden energy that once released will fill the world with beauty. To unleash this you will require COURAGE.

To me the word courage means to have true self- awareness so that you are able to face challenges that scare you face on. To have courage for you may be:

To say ‘NO.’

To tell someone you need him or her in your life.

To speak up even when you’re afraid.

To say ‘YES.’

To have courage doesn’t mean you have to be famous or have had to gone through something terrible that has changed you forever. To have courage is: to be strong enough within yourself to know your own personal boundaries; for you to follow your heart and to fight for what you think is right; to go one way when the rest of the world is going the other, because you know and trust what is right for you. Life is not about your rights or your wrongs; it’s about fighting to find the inner you.

I am sending courage into your life. I would like you to remind yourself of at least 3 things in your life that make you courageous. Start with:

I am courageous because…

Have courage to face your weaknesses and strengths head strong and live a life full of golden energy. As Cinderella says: “Be kind, have courage and you’ll experience a little bit of magic in your life.”

If you have a message to share on a personal courageous moment in you life, please comment below.

If this letter has touched you please write on my blog and then send or share this letter with someone else.

Thank you,

With love, from your friend.


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