Dear friend,

I may not know you, but I know that you have the strength within yourself to love.

Love is the true acceptance of a person despite all of their flaws.

There is a saying that goes “ infatuation is loving someone because you think they are perfect, love is loving them because you know they are not.”

You may not be in a relationship or you may be in one? Never the less, true love starts with you. Love is a true self-acceptance and in order to be able to love someone else you have to truly accept and love yourself for who you are.

My Zulu teacher once told me that there ‘Love’ has four parts to it.

The first kind of love is inner love; self love acceptance for who you are and who you’re not as an individual.

The second kind of love is personal love; it’s unconditional love for an individual that you may have known for a long time and you accept them fully.

The third kind of love is the love for all people, random strangers at that, and is the love for the beauty of human life. And lastly, the fourth type of love is the love that is spiritual and non –materialistic; it is the love of nature, the living and the dead as a whole.

So in order to love on a spiritual level, you have to have self-love.

Love yourself, for who you are, because when there is nobody there for you, you will always have your self.

If you have a message to share on a personal awareness of love in you life, please comment below “

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Thank you,

With love, from your friend


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