How to accept having a ‘terrible, horrible, very bad day’

So tomorrow is the start to a new month August, and in a way a new start. You can forgive yourself for having that piece of cake last week, although you were ‘trying’ to be healthy. You can forgive yourself for not calling that person, or forgetting to do that piece of work. It is a new month, a new day and time for new chances.

For me this week has been extremely stressful, scary, tiring and so on, but then I stumbled apon a movie-“Alexander, and the terrible,horrible,very bad day.” Once I had watched this movie I realized that:

1) bad days are not avoidable, because  you’ve  got to have the bad days, so that you can love the good days even more.

I know that this may sound clichè, but it is so true, without the days that make us feel sad, angry or that nothing is going our way, we as humans wouldn’t have anything to appreciate or look forward to.

The bad days are a kind of reminder that there are still good thinks to come.


2) You don’t always have to stear your boat with positivity:

next I realized that having a bad day is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s how you act towards the situation that defines how long this state of a ‘bad day’ is going to last.
What good is freaking out? Because all that will happen is that you will miss out on all the beauty of the world around you, if you freak out. So just live for the moment and accept what is happening to and around you.


There are more important things than stressing about a bad day.

3) Lastly I realized that I have a great life, and that by appreciating the little things that life has to offer, will help me to see the world in a bigger, brighter picture.
I may not have everything that I want, however I know that I have everything that I need right now in my life. By me stressing and spending my energy on things that bring me down, will not bring me any happiness into my life, but rather the opposite; sadness. 

And in order for me to live my life to its full potential, I have to live each day step by step and look for the simple beauties that each day holds.

Sometimes things may not go your way, however it’s your choice on how you choose to handle it.


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