Sixteen and un-kissed

mirror, mirror on the wall 

Where we are now, is where we come from, my now time has changed and life is amazing. 

This following week, I turned 17 and this is a reflection of the year as a sixteen year old and everything I learnt on the journey to seventeen.

Sixteen had its ups and downs, but I am truly thankful for everything.

I learnt that change is inevitable, but the only way to accept it is to truly commit to it and go with the flow.

 I learnt that bad days are not avoidable, but as long as you are willing to smile and realize that bad days are just there, for us as humans to appreciate to good days, then you can get through anything.

I realized more then ever that family is the most important thing in my life, as long as you have family you are at home. I Appreciate the little things and am extremely greatful to have people who just accept me for who I am along with all my wierd quirks.

I learnt that sometimes, you have people in your life that you love, but have to leave, as they aren’t on the same emotional level as you are, and that okay.

I learnt that, in order for me to be happy I have to be around people with positive energy. Life is to short to be around people that bring you down, so let go of the bad and just do what makes you happy. 

I learnt that, I may lose people in my life that I love, but I will gain friendships that means so much to me.

Life is about the journey, enjoy the ride and just let it be. Shine your line and choose to be the change. 



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