I am one ,but we are whole.

Mirror mirror on the wall 

alone we fall,

But together we stand tall

So today in beautiful South Africa, it is national heritage day, also known as braai, day depending on what you prefer.
Now we South Africans as a whole have been through a lot, and we have joined together over the years, to be a colourful rainbow nation.
However alone we are individuals, with our differences that come together to be part of a whole.
My family roots come from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Trinidad and Tobago, England, Scotland, Spain, India, Venezuela and finally my homeland South Africa.
I was born in South Africa and am proudly South African, as even though I do not follow the culture and only speak a little bit of Zulu, I am part of a country that thrives on it’s people, uplifts it’s youth to change South Africa as a whole and accepts all people for who they are.

We are not a perfect country far from that, however we are a family, we have our problems and we fight but at the end of the day we all come to together to strengthen and create a wonderful nation.


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