Spring is calling

Mirror, mirror on the wallSpring is coming,

Spring is coming,

And the rain is calling.

Summer Is drawing near and the winter clouds have begun to clear, in sunny South Africa. 
Spring is a symbol of new beginnings it is a kind of a rebirth in nature. 
Plants are spouting from the darkness of the earth and animals are waking up from a deep deep sleep. Humans are shedding off their winter clothes to get closer to the sun.

Spring inspires me to keep going after the darkness of winter. It motivates me to get up everyday, move my body and eat healthily.It helps to keep a smile on my face as the sunshines
Spring is the time for new decisions. 

It is a time to make a conscious decision to finish the year off with a bang, because it is not about how you start something that makes you great, it’s about how you finish something that defines you.

So step into the sunshine with a big smile on your face, and go catch rainbow.


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