Being human

Mirror, mirror on the wallWhat is it about us that makes us fall.

Is it the fame the, beauty the money or the greed

Or the pure lack of our sense of humanity.

To be human is to step outside of ourselves, to break away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, and to acknowledge people for their core being. 
Now you may be questioning how do I do that? People are so cruel, people scare me, you are a person where do you fall in that spectrum?
The truth is, it purely starts with YOU! People always seem to question why our world is in upheaval, why it is that there are wars, gender inequality, racial discrimination, well that’s just it. We all seem to hold ourselves on a high plateau “it’s me this, me that,” but until we are able to say “it’s us this, and us that,” the world is never going to change.
I remember when I started high school , racial discrimination became very visible to me. I was the only black girl in my class, at the time, although most of the South African population is black(just saying,however that is not the point), and there was always this underlying stigma that I wasn’t black enough. Like, what does that even mean, yes I don’t act like I am uneducated. yes I don’t speak like I don’t understand English. yes I don’t speak a South African language fluently, because me family isn’t from this country originally. And yes I don’t let people belittle me, BUT that has nothing to do with how black I am. It has to do with who I am as a person.
My race shouldn’t limit my opportunities or how I’m seen in the world but it does.
To be human is to work together, it is to set aside all the Me stuff and choose the Us stuff. It is choosing to great people as you pass them by. while rushing off to work. It is helping the man who just dropped all the carrots in the grocery store. Or it it is just by acknowledging every living human around you. without any pretenses or judgement. 
It is said that it only takes two percent of the people in the world to change the world. 
What are you going to be, a changer or a viewer?

Be the change, it starts with you.

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