A letter to a friend

On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me:
2 turtle doves
And a partridge in a pear tree.

 I always used to think that having a best friend and a large group of friends the most important thing in the world. Then one-day life happened, reality hit me like a lightening strike, and I realized, it’s not about the amount of friends you have but the relationships you have with people that just get you. So due to that I would like to dedicate this to my wonderful friends.

 Dear friend

What a joy it is to say I have you, in my life.
Other then the fact that you’ve stuck by my side, and endured my constant complains about the things you think I should not change about myself, I would like to say thank you.
Thank you, not only for the laughs and good times, but also for the deep conversations and truth telling that we have had together.
Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on when I didn’t want to show any emotion.
Thank you for not breaking my “achy breaky heart” (inside joke).
And for watching movies together over Skype, which turned out to be illegal, haha (not really) good times, (another inside joke).


But most of all thanks for being you, because without the person you are today I wouldn’t have turned out to be who I am.
So be strong, stay true to you,
And I hope to have you in my presence for a very long time.

Lots of love.


Send something nice to the people around you that make you, you this festive season and treasure those around you, because you never know when life will hit.


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