A list of some of favourite Christmas songs

On the fourth day of Christmas.           my true love sent to me:                             4 Calling Birds.                                              3 French Hens.                                               2 Turtle Doves.                                          and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.


Jingle bell rock by Bobby helms-I love the song not only for its up tempo rhythm, but because every time I hear the song I see, the girls from “mean girls strutting their stuff. ” 

I love listening to hallelujah the Jeff Buckley Versionas as well as the version done by Bon jovi- because the song has such amazing emotion and soul that gives you the sensation of complete serenity and puts you straight into Christmas mode. 

Jingle bells- because that is a complete classic, and even though you have heard it a thousand times on repeat you still get that eye rolling urge to sing along. 

Silent night- another classic that just connects the meaning of Christmas, and the birth of Christ in a simple, meaningful way that exudes the angelic tone of heavens gates. 

Hark the Herold angels sing, and ring Christmas bells are polar opposites the one which is very up beat and the other which I airy are wonderful Christmas tunes- however the fact that I have been singing them in choir for the past few weaks in that off key tone that never seems to change, takes away from these songs greatness.

The non traditional stuff, bob marlie and the island, Trinidad and Tobago songs, thanks to my many grandparents who instilled in me Christmas is not a party without some island tunes. 

and some whitney Houston, such as i want to dance with somebody, the children are our future (we are) – because her music to me never gets old. 

Some let it snow is always nice- because even though I live in South Africa and exprience extremely warm temperatures during Christmas, let us snow always gets me into a merry spirit.
And lastly but not least L-O-V-E buy Nat King Cole covers by Louis amanti -because everyone needs a little bit of love during the Christmas period.



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