Harry Potter in a year

On the fifth day of Christmas.               my true love sent to me:                               5 Golden Rings.                                              4 Calling Birds.                                             3 French Hen.                                                 2 Turtle Doves.                                           and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

This year I decided it was time to take the liberty and read the best selling books of Harry Potter after 16 years of living.

The 7 books turned out to be everything I expected, and more.  It was amazing, adventurous and extremely full of life.

Honestly before I read this series I thought to myself what’s all the hype about, however now that I have read all seven books, I realize how much it has changed me. The books have just made me see life in a whole new light and it has really influenced my thoughts.

10 things the Harry Potter books have taught me:


Follow and Trust your instincts:  I think this is Virtue that everyone should have and it is seen in Harry throughout the books but especially when he was confronted with the existence of the “deathly hallows.”sometimes it’s okay to follow the crowd, but if you have a gut feeling trust it and let it guide you, no matter what anyone else believes.

Love always wins: this is a hard one to confront, and sadly a lot of people don’t believe in it, but it is completely true and at the end of the day it does conquer hate and all the bad. This is a quality seen in Harry when he would rather sacrifice himself for the ones he loves, rather than to let them suffer. This attitude altimately defeated Tom riddle as he never experience the true  meaning of love in his life


Love those around you, because you never know how long they are going to be alive: life is a precious thing and you never know when you’ve said your last goodbye until it’s to late, throughout the series Harry meets people that influence his life, and a lot of the people he loved died in the end, such as Dumbledore, Sirius, Tonks, Lupin and Fred, just name a few. This is a hard one to grasp, but if you just live in the moment and truly appreciate those around you, you will live with no regrets.

Trust that there is a greater purpose: Dumbledore really proved that there is a greater purpose although he wasn’t perfect, in the end he sacrifice his life towards the greater good, and didn’t just live for himself. Harry lived out the greater purpose by realizing that there is more to life then just himself, and sometimes in life, we need to look up from our day to day problems and realize that we have a greater purpose then just living for  ourselves.  

Not everyone is who they seem, and sometimes that’s not all bad: This is seen through Dumbledore and Snape, but esprescially Snape. We all hoped that he was as evil and we thought he was, but when he gives Harry his memories, we realize that he was not cruel or evil. His purpose was not to be loved but rather to challenge our perceptions of the way we see the people around us, the ones that are protecting us and the ones that are truly against us.

Death should not be feared: for me it’s never been the fear of death rather the time in which I’ll leave and where I’ll be going, Harry Potter really confronts death through out the whole series. We all know that it’s coming and Harry chose to face it head on and because of that the fear of where he was going was dismissed with his hope that his sacrifice will help the ones he loved. We should not dwell in death but rather know that when it comes it’s the start of a completely new book.  
Trust has to be earned not given: this is seen through the sevent book through the relationships Harry chooses to make. For instance president Fudge, was unable to receive Harry’s trust due to his inability to see past his own needs. However Harry’s relationship towards Kreacher changed to one of respect as they realized how to treat each other.  
Chocolate always wins: hahaha this is just a funny one, but a very true one. When Harry was confronted by the dementors he is told to eat chocolate as it warms the body. So whoever told you chocolate is bad, it’s all lies.

There are limits to evil: this is seen through Voldemort, who is unable to see through his need for power, and is defeated  by Harry because he was unable to believe that love is more powerful the all the evil on the earth. I believe that love always wins, do you?

Face your fears and you’ll end up on top: this is seen through Harry conquering death and ended up living a happy life. Are you will to do the things that challenge you, that make you feel uncomfortable to live a brilliant life. This is obviously easier said then done, but a believe that with one step at a time you will reach your goals. 



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