A Christmas memory 

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me:                                             6 Geese a Laying.                                           5 Golden Rings.                                              4 Calling Birds.                                              3 French Hens.                                               2 Turtle Doves                                               And a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Christmas for me hasn’t always been the warm Summer’s of the sunny South Africa, but rather the cold snowy weather of Europe.

  Growing up I was lucky enough to experience the glories of a white Christmas. I remember  the cold  winter breeze blowing across my face as I walked along the high streets of London. The rain pitter pattering softly as I sat next to my parents on the red double decker buses. And the snow! The snow that arrived as silently as the night on a lovely cool winters day. 

 Christmas for me has always been about spending time with the family and enjoying the festive energy it brings. My family whilst away in London, we would always fill the house with jolly Christmas songs and lights, dancing around the house with great big smiles in our faces.

Christmas Eve was always the most thrilling. The anticipation of whether or not “Saint Nicholas” had brought all the gifts that we had asked for. Staying up way to late the night before and just watching the cars drive by from inside the window, to stay awake not having a care in the world, as we were placed safely in the warmth of the house.

  Christmas Day, was always the best. It was always a Race to wake up early and to see if all the presents had arrived safely. Then my siblings and I would excitedly wait to open them and that seemed to take longer then ever, as we waited for my parents to wake up. The lovely smells that woft from the kitchen as my Mother prepared to surve the big lunch that we would all feast on with the family. Finally the time we would spend together watching Christmas movies in my parents bedroom until we fell asleep,just being completely grateful for the day, and for each other.

 Oh what fun Christmas brings.  


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