Day 27,28 and 29


It has been a while since I’ve posted, and I feel that it is time that I end my 29 day gift giving challenge.

The last three gifts are the closure to my gift giving journey.

On day  27, I sacrificed my time, by listening and enjoying my sisters company.

On day 28, I gave away something valuable, which made me feel happy that I was able to give something I loved to someone who would love it more then I ever did.

And finally on day 29, I was able to have patience with those around me and myself, rather then to let everyone’s energy get to me.

This 29 day gift giving challenge has been extremely challenging for a lack of words. It has given me a lot of self awareness and realization of what I had that I was not grateful for. It has taught me to be grateful for everything I have, and to have patience in everything I do.


I would strongly advice you to go through your own journey of the 29 day gift giving challenge, because it is very rewarding and it enables one to look within themselves and appreciate what they have, give a piece of themselves and learn to openly receive gifts from others.


Day 26

Todays gift was one of personal sacrifice.

Todays gift was personal sacrifice of time, and homework. So my parents are divorced and yes it is a rather hard experience, so finding time to spend with my father is rather scarce.

So today my sisters and I spent time with him. After most of the morning and a little bit of the afternoon with him, my sisters and I went to our cousins first birthday. Now going to one year olds party can be rather tiresome especially when there are a bunch of adults with their kids, and you are always seen as a chaperone. That was a huge sacrifice of my time considering, that I could have been at home doing homework, never the less life goes on.

Straight after the party I went to church, which was rather enjoyable. So that was my day on of true sacrifice to what I wanted to do.

Give of your time to others, knowingly as you will never get that time back.

Day 25

Today I gave the gift of understanding.

Sometimes in life you are going to give advice and nobody is going to take it. And today I had that understanding. Sometimes people need to make the mistakes for them selves in order to actually listen to what has been said.

Understanding is the action of comprehending what is going on in different situations.

On Thursday a friend of mine went through a lot, and as a friend you try to advise them through knowledge from a former experience or from an objective point of view. However, sometimes in life not everybody is willing to listen to you, because 1) they don’t understand what you are saying. 2) They are unable to see things in their situation from and objective point of view. Or 3) they are not ready to accept the situation they are in. and today on Friday I had that realisation that, although you can be there for people they may not always agree or listen to you.

So understanding was my gift to my friend. Understanding that I myself am not in the situation or experiencing the same emotions as my friend was the hardest part for me, because sometimes you just want to snap people out of their state and let them see the situation for what it is. But I didn’t and I just let my friend experience life her way for the time being.

Have a patience and understanding, as people are not able to see the world through your eyes.

Day 24

Today my gift was a hug.

The basic definition of a hug, it the action of ‘squeezing (someone) tightly in one’s arms.’

Todays gift was a simple one.

I was with my friend and she was going through a lot that day so I gave her a hug, but that wasn’t my gift. As I was hugging her from a distance someone who worked at my school saw me hugging my friend, and she came up to me and said ‘me next,’ and that was gift, I hugged her. It was a rather good gift to give, as I was able to make someone happy just through the simple action of a hug.

Give freely and enjoy the little things, as they make up the big things.

Day 23

Today I gave the gift patience and an open mind and ear.

Today was rather enjoyable. I mean sure I was at school from 7:50am to 8:00pm but I learnt quite a lot about listening and just living in the moment and not letting time drag.

My main gift was patience, as staying at school and being with the same people for such a long time can get rather overwhelming, but I was able to enjoy their company. I remember at around 6:00 when we were all eating there was laughing and enjoyment all around. The real part of patience came when I had to sit down with a candle and just listen to a story for about an hour. This took true patience as yes I love listening to stories, but when your n a room full of people and there’s only one person telling the story, there is a lot of chance for distractions. Just being able to sit still with an open mind/ear and not drifting off, and just listening to the story took a lot of patience.

Remember to be patient and have an open mind, because you never know what is coming to you in time through your waiting.

Day 22

Todays gift was one of time management.

Today felt like an extremely long day for me. It just seemed to go on forever, and when I got home at 5:30 – 6:00 I just felt that I could not go on. I was so tired and I had so much homework for the next few days that just needed to be done and if I didn’t do it then, it would never get done.

So I gave myself a set amount of time in which I would just work straight, and after all my work I would just sleep and switch off from the world.

The definition of time management is ‘the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively, especially at work’

I ended up finishing my work at around 9:30, which felt rather satisfying, as I love the feeling of finished work.

Give yourself freedom, but also a set time to get everything done. As there is a time for work and play and you need to find the balance of that throughout your life.

Day 21

Today I gave the gift of Articulation

The definition of articulation, is ‘the action of putting into words an idea or feeling.

That is exactly what I did today. Self-expression is a very important thing to be able to have, being able to say how you feel or what you think of something is an important tool to have for life.

So today I used this tool and just expressed to my teacher how I felt about certain dedications concerning our play and our academic studies. I was also able to express to my cast mates my feeling on how instructions are not being listened to and how time wasted will only cause the audience to not enjoy our play. So yes I guess that my gift was to myself but I was able to use words to express how I was feeling on the inside.

Use your words with intention, and if what you are about to say doesn’t add any relevance to the world then don’t say it.

Day 20

Today I gave a gift to my youngest sister

Sunday fun, well at least half of it was. Today my gift was time spent doing things with my little sister. Now I enjoy spending time with both of my sisters and we always enjoy our time spent together. However, because I have an eight year gap between my youngest sister and I, sometimes its hard spending time together, because I get home late, or I’m doing homework etc.

Never the less today I dedicated the evening to spend time with her. We road our bikes together, which was extremely funny because we ended up racing each other and then that turned into a bicycle game on who can make it up and down the road the fastest. We then went inside and played hangman, naughts and crosses and just enjoyed each other’s company. Playing those games with my sister was extremely enjoyable and a lot of fun.

Time well spend is time unwasted, so use your limited time wisely.

Day 19

Today I gave the gift of morning relaxation to those around me.

So it’s a Saturday and yes I know that most people like to have a lie in, but instead of having a late start to this wondrous day I woke up bright and early.

I then did some exercises and then I gave away my gift. Which was breakfast for the whole family.

I made eggs and toast, now you might be thinking ‘why such an easy meal to make,’ however when you live in a house hold with people that have specific preferences on what kind of bread and jam they eat things can get rather complicated. However I by passed all of this, because I myself am also a fussy eater.

My mother was in her bed when I announced that I was going to make her breakfast and she was rather grateful for the lie in that she had received.

It felt good to do something that seemed so little but to have made a difference.