Being human

Mirror, mirror on the wallWhat is it about us that makes us fall.

Is it the fame the, beauty the money or the greed

Or the pure lack of our sense of humanity.

To be human is to step outside of ourselves, to break away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, and to acknowledge people for their core being. 
Now you may be questioning how do I do that? People are so cruel, people scare me, you are a person where do you fall in that spectrum?
The truth is, it purely starts with YOU! People always seem to question why our world is in upheaval, why it is that there are wars, gender inequality, racial discrimination, well that’s just it. We all seem to hold ourselves on a high plateau “it’s me this, me that,” but until we are able to say “it’s us this, and us that,” the world is never going to change.
I remember when I started high school , racial discrimination became very visible to me. I was the only black girl in my class, at the time, although most of the South African population is black(just saying,however that is not the point), and there was always this underlying stigma that I wasn’t black enough. Like, what does that even mean, yes I don’t act like I am uneducated. yes I don’t speak like I don’t understand English. yes I don’t speak a South African language fluently, because me family isn’t from this country originally. And yes I don’t let people belittle me, BUT that has nothing to do with how black I am. It has to do with who I am as a person.
My race shouldn’t limit my opportunities or how I’m seen in the world but it does.
To be human is to work together, it is to set aside all the Me stuff and choose the Us stuff. It is choosing to great people as you pass them by. while rushing off to work. It is helping the man who just dropped all the carrots in the grocery store. Or it it is just by acknowledging every living human around you. without any pretenses or judgement. 
It is said that it only takes two percent of the people in the world to change the world. 
What are you going to be, a changer or a viewer?

Be the change, it starts with you.

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Spring is calling

Mirror, mirror on the wallSpring is coming,

Spring is coming,

And the rain is calling.

Summer Is drawing near and the winter clouds have begun to clear, in sunny South Africa. 
Spring is a symbol of new beginnings it is a kind of a rebirth in nature. 
Plants are spouting from the darkness of the earth and animals are waking up from a deep deep sleep. Humans are shedding off their winter clothes to get closer to the sun.

Spring inspires me to keep going after the darkness of winter. It motivates me to get up everyday, move my body and eat healthily.It helps to keep a smile on my face as the sunshines
Spring is the time for new decisions. 

It is a time to make a conscious decision to finish the year off with a bang, because it is not about how you start something that makes you great, it’s about how you finish something that defines you.

So step into the sunshine with a big smile on your face, and go catch rainbow.

I am one ,but we are whole.

Mirror mirror on the wall 

alone we fall,

But together we stand tall

So today in beautiful South Africa, it is national heritage day, also known as braai, day depending on what you prefer.
Now we South Africans as a whole have been through a lot, and we have joined together over the years, to be a colourful rainbow nation.
However alone we are individuals, with our differences that come together to be part of a whole.
My family roots come from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Trinidad and Tobago, England, Scotland, Spain, India, Venezuela and finally my homeland South Africa.
I was born in South Africa and am proudly South African, as even though I do not follow the culture and only speak a little bit of Zulu, I am part of a country that thrives on it’s people, uplifts it’s youth to change South Africa as a whole and accepts all people for who they are.

We are not a perfect country far from that, however we are a family, we have our problems and we fight but at the end of the day we all come to together to strengthen and create a wonderful nation.

Sixteen and un-kissed

mirror, mirror on the wall 

Where we are now, is where we come from, my now time has changed and life is amazing. 

This following week, I turned 17 and this is a reflection of the year as a sixteen year old and everything I learnt on the journey to seventeen.

Sixteen had its ups and downs, but I am truly thankful for everything.

I learnt that change is inevitable, but the only way to accept it is to truly commit to it and go with the flow.

 I learnt that bad days are not avoidable, but as long as you are willing to smile and realize that bad days are just there, for us as humans to appreciate to good days, then you can get through anything.

I realized more then ever that family is the most important thing in my life, as long as you have family you are at home. I Appreciate the little things and am extremely greatful to have people who just accept me for who I am along with all my wierd quirks.

I learnt that sometimes, you have people in your life that you love, but have to leave, as they aren’t on the same emotional level as you are, and that okay.

I learnt that, in order for me to be happy I have to be around people with positive energy. Life is to short to be around people that bring you down, so let go of the bad and just do what makes you happy. 

I learnt that, I may lose people in my life that I love, but I will gain friendships that means so much to me.

Life is about the journey, enjoy the ride and just let it be. Shine your line and choose to be the change.