Adventures in Cape Town

To travel is to see the world and the beauty of people from different places.
Destination: Cape Town (South Africa) 

Amazing adventure: check ✔️

I went to Cape Town, which has a beautiful Mediterranean climate, where the mountains together with the sea shapes the landscape to create the perfect summer destination.
My trip away consisted of ten days in with my mother,two sisters, aunt, uncle and cousins. 

I spent half of my time binge watching the mentalist, (which is extremely compelling if you did not already know that). Eating one two many cup cakes that my cousin made, which were extremely delicious and re-connecting with my self and nature.

On two of the days that I was in Cape Town, my mother and I went for morning walks on the Green Belt. The Green Belt is a lovely pathway in nature, with the extreme experience of greenery (that’s where it gets its name not doubt). The fresh morning breeze, the birds singing from the trees and people just walking with themselves or with their dogs enjoying the simplicity of nature, was a lovely experience, if any of you ever find yourself in Cape Town it is definitely somethings that you should do. 

When the sun was shining and the sky clear, my family and I went on a wonderful walk along Muizenberg beach. The beach was absolutely beautiful. It was high tide so the waves brushed along my legs as i walk beside the water. My youngest sister and I picked up several shells, which I ask her to carry, (of course).

My cousins and sisters while walking along the wet, white sand all sang along to ‘lost boy by Ruth b,’ which was the only song we had on replay throughout my whole time there,courtesy to me cousin (thanks).
And as we sang the song and our voices got lost with the sounds of the moving waves and the people around us, I was truly appreciative of the moment. The moment I had with my family and the moment I had with myself to just be and let be.
I also went university hunting, but that’s perhaps a story for another time.
I had a wonderful time in Cape Town, I thoroughly enjoy myself, and I was able to appreciate what I have and decided to go for what I don’t have. 
Adventures are for people who are willing to look inside themselves to find what the have been missing. Go seek out your adventure.


I’m a gypsy, are you coming with me.



I’m a gypsy, are you coming with me.

I love traveling. Seeing the world and being at one with nature, so why not write about it?

This category will consist of my love for travel, people and different cultures. My journies around the world. My wonderful experiences, adventures and interesting encounters with people from all over the world.

I hope you will come on this adventure with me and share my wonderful travels and journey throughout the world.

Starting with…..vroom here we go.