Moonlit market


Sixteen and un-kissed

mirror, mirror on the wall 

Where we are now, is where we come from, my now time has changed and life is amazing. 

This following week, I turned 17 and this is a reflection of the year as a sixteen year old and everything I learnt on the journey to seventeen.

Sixteen had its ups and downs, but I am truly thankful for everything.

I learnt that change is inevitable, but the only way to accept it is to truly commit to it and go with the flow.

 I learnt that bad days are not avoidable, but as long as you are willing to smile and realize that bad days are just there, for us as humans to appreciate to good days, then you can get through anything.

I realized more then ever that family is the most important thing in my life, as long as you have family you are at home. I Appreciate the little things and am extremely greatful to have people who just accept me for who I am along with all my wierd quirks.

I learnt that sometimes, you have people in your life that you love, but have to leave, as they aren’t on the same emotional level as you are, and that okay.

I learnt that, in order for me to be happy I have to be around people with positive energy. Life is to short to be around people that bring you down, so let go of the bad and just do what makes you happy. 

I learnt that, I may lose people in my life that I love, but I will gain friendships that means so much to me.

Life is about the journey, enjoy the ride and just let it be. Shine your line and choose to be the change. 


How to accept having a ‘terrible, horrible, very bad day’

So tomorrow is the start to a new month August, and in a way a new start. You can forgive yourself for having that piece of cake last week, although you were ‘trying’ to be healthy. You can forgive yourself for not calling that person, or forgetting to do that piece of work. It is a new month, a new day and time for new chances.

For me this week has been extremely stressful, scary, tiring and so on, but then I stumbled apon a movie-“Alexander, and the terrible,horrible,very bad day.” Once I had watched this movie I realized that:

1) bad days are not avoidable, because  you’ve  got to have the bad days, so that you can love the good days even more.

I know that this may sound clichè, but it is so true, without the days that make us feel sad, angry or that nothing is going our way, we as humans wouldn’t have anything to appreciate or look forward to.

The bad days are a kind of reminder that there are still good thinks to come.


2) You don’t always have to stear your boat with positivity:

next I realized that having a bad day is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s how you act towards the situation that defines how long this state of a ‘bad day’ is going to last.
What good is freaking out? Because all that will happen is that you will miss out on all the beauty of the world around you, if you freak out. So just live for the moment and accept what is happening to and around you.


There are more important things than stressing about a bad day.

3) Lastly I realized that I have a great life, and that by appreciating the little things that life has to offer, will help me to see the world in a bigger, brighter picture.
I may not have everything that I want, however I know that I have everything that I need right now in my life. By me stressing and spending my energy on things that bring me down, will not bring me any happiness into my life, but rather the opposite; sadness. 

And in order for me to live my life to its full potential, I have to live each day step by step and look for the simple beauties that each day holds.

Sometimes things may not go your way, however it’s your choice on how you choose to handle it.

Kindness, Courage and a little bit of Magic

These three little words, they may seem extremely simple but they can change your life forever. 

I decided upon writing this blog after watching the newest Cinderella. There are few movies that make you question life and how we treat others, and this movie did that for me. It really got me thinking about the world and how we all need a bit of, kindness.


Kindness: a Noun, which means to have “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate

The word is derived from old English, and the earliest use of the word kindness, was towards someone who was well disposed by nature, and was courteous, gentle.


To be kind is to be brave, it’s a way of seeing the world in a brighter happier and new light. Everyone needs kindness in their lives, to know that they are needed and appreciated. However we can only receive kindness if we ourselves are willing to be kind, and excepting of the world and all of its traits.


Courage: the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery the ability to act on one’s beliefs despite danger or disapproval. Lead your own life and have the courage of your convictions.


To have courage is to be strong, everyone needs courage in his or her lives in order to dream, and wonder. Courage is extremely important as it gives one the chance to break free to do something for themselves, to follow ones heart and find love. Courage means being yourself, having an open heart and being able to accept people for who they are and not for who you want them to be and being okay with that.


Magic: a quality of being beautiful and delightful in a way that seems remote from daily life.

Magic is simply a choice, it’s a little bit like faith you may not be able to see it everywhere you go, but it is a working of the universe and it is always around you. To receive magic is to be able to see the beauty of life, in and around people. It’s to live in the now, and to recognize the little pieces of everyday happiness and to be happy within oneself and of what’s to come. 


Be kind, courageous and believe that in and around you there is magic and beauty awaiting you. Life is not something we choose, but we do get a choice on what we get to make of it. Live a life of adventure, joyous fun and remember in order to receive anything you have to be willing to give. 


Have a great week.

Tomorrow I am staring a 29 day gift giving process, it doesn’t necessarily have to be physical gifts, but something meaningful from the heart if you would like to join me go ahead and we will have lots of fun on this giving experience… ill tell you more about it tomorrow.

Personality vs Character

hello everyone, so a few weeks ago, I was in a dance class, and my dance teacher told me that one of her goals for the year is to find her true character and change the things of her personality that do not express who she really is. 

This statement really stuck with me, and I decided to do some research to find out what the difference between personality and character are, and why we sometimes confuse them.

The Greek word for personality is prosōpon, which means face,or mask, worn in theatre. The Latin word for personality is persōna, and this is translated as a mask worn by an actor, that can change due to the different characters one has to play. The Greek and Latin translations are similar, and they both show that a personality is something that is not solid, but changes in different situations. 

The Greek word for character is kharaktēr, which is translated as a mark or token impressed on a person or thing, and this is what the person or thing is known by. The Latin word for character is character, which is translated as an imprint or mark from a stamp. Something that has been engraved. The Latin and Greek are similar and they tell us that a character is something solid, once formed it cannot be changed.

After learning and hearing about the differences between ones character and personality , I decided to look inside myself and came up with my own definitions for both words.

My definitions:

Personality: is who you are, based on experiences and circumstances,they are a set of traits you’ve picked up. Eg: happy, lazy, tired, angry etc.                                                                                                  

Character: is who you really are the core you,you as a soul.

I now realize that as humans we tend to hide behind our personality and call that real, when at the end of the day it’s not who we really are it’s just a mask.

This poem by Shel Silverstein describes how we hide ourselves behind masks, searching for the people that are like us and never finding them, because we choose to hide who we really are,just like the people around us.

In a station of the metro by Ezra pound:                                                         In a station of the metro.                                                                                                              The apparition of those faces in the crowd.                                                                          Pettles on a wet, black bough.

The poem above describes, a metro, on a cold winters day. Everyones head is down, as they hide themselves away from the world. However in the distance a pink face pokes out exposing who they are.

My question to you today is this, are you going to be a person of personality,continuously hiding behind a mask, or are you going to be the one of character, the face in a crowd who shows the world who they really are?


Hello everyone,this is an introduction to my blog thinking-out-loud-mem, and it’s purpose.

The name:                                                    I named the blog thinking-out-loud-mem, as a form of self expression , a place where I am able to express what I am thinking on the inside, and to therefor share it with the world, rather then keeping it bottled up on the inside. MEM, just represents my initials.

The purpose of thinking-out-loud-mem, is a platform for me to :

1) To share my life experiences and for you the reader to see the world through my eyes. It’s a safe place for me to learn and grow through my writing.

2) To meditate on certain words, and to see how they make me feel.

3) To have a general discussion on how curtain words are put into practice, whether it be through spoken word, art, poetry,or songs.

So, today’s word is Prolegomenon. Prolegomenon is a Latin word that is derived from Greek. The word means, an introduction to a story or book.




this word is relevant for today’s blog, as I am giving you a look at what’s to come in this new self expressive adventure. I hope you will join me on this new journey.