Adventures in Cape Town

To travel is to see the world and the beauty of people from different places.
Destination: Cape Town (South Africa) 

Amazing adventure: check ✔️

I went to Cape Town, which has a beautiful Mediterranean climate, where the mountains together with the sea shapes the landscape to create the perfect summer destination.
My trip away consisted of ten days in with my mother,two sisters, aunt, uncle and cousins. 

I spent half of my time binge watching the mentalist, (which is extremely compelling if you did not already know that). Eating one two many cup cakes that my cousin made, which were extremely delicious and re-connecting with my self and nature.

On two of the days that I was in Cape Town, my mother and I went for morning walks on the Green Belt. The Green Belt is a lovely pathway in nature, with the extreme experience of greenery (that’s where it gets its name not doubt). The fresh morning breeze, the birds singing from the trees and people just walking with themselves or with their dogs enjoying the simplicity of nature, was a lovely experience, if any of you ever find yourself in Cape Town it is definitely somethings that you should do. 

When the sun was shining and the sky clear, my family and I went on a wonderful walk along Muizenberg beach. The beach was absolutely beautiful. It was high tide so the waves brushed along my legs as i walk beside the water. My youngest sister and I picked up several shells, which I ask her to carry, (of course).

My cousins and sisters while walking along the wet, white sand all sang along to ‘lost boy by Ruth b,’ which was the only song we had on replay throughout my whole time there,courtesy to me cousin (thanks).
And as we sang the song and our voices got lost with the sounds of the moving waves and the people around us, I was truly appreciative of the moment. The moment I had with my family and the moment I had with myself to just be and let be.
I also went university hunting, but that’s perhaps a story for another time.
I had a wonderful time in Cape Town, I thoroughly enjoy myself, and I was able to appreciate what I have and decided to go for what I don’t have. 
Adventures are for people who are willing to look inside themselves to find what the have been missing. Go seek out your adventure.


I’m a gypsy, are you coming with me.



I’m a gypsy, are you coming with me.

I love traveling. Seeing the world and being at one with nature, so why not write about it?

This category will consist of my love for travel, people and different cultures. My journies around the world. My wonderful experiences, adventures and interesting encounters with people from all over the world.

I hope you will come on this adventure with me and share my wonderful travels and journey throughout the world.

Starting with…..vroom here we go.

Spring is calling

Mirror, mirror on the wallSpring is coming,

Spring is coming,

And the rain is calling.

Summer Is drawing near and the winter clouds have begun to clear, in sunny South Africa. 
Spring is a symbol of new beginnings it is a kind of a rebirth in nature. 
Plants are spouting from the darkness of the earth and animals are waking up from a deep deep sleep. Humans are shedding off their winter clothes to get closer to the sun.

Spring inspires me to keep going after the darkness of winter. It motivates me to get up everyday, move my body and eat healthily.It helps to keep a smile on my face as the sunshines
Spring is the time for new decisions. 

It is a time to make a conscious decision to finish the year off with a bang, because it is not about how you start something that makes you great, it’s about how you finish something that defines you.

So step into the sunshine with a big smile on your face, and go catch rainbow.

I am one ,but we are whole.

Mirror mirror on the wall 

alone we fall,

But together we stand tall

So today in beautiful South Africa, it is national heritage day, also known as braai, day depending on what you prefer.
Now we South Africans as a whole have been through a lot, and we have joined together over the years, to be a colourful rainbow nation.
However alone we are individuals, with our differences that come together to be part of a whole.
My family roots come from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Trinidad and Tobago, England, Scotland, Spain, India, Venezuela and finally my homeland South Africa.
I was born in South Africa and am proudly South African, as even though I do not follow the culture and only speak a little bit of Zulu, I am part of a country that thrives on it’s people, uplifts it’s youth to change South Africa as a whole and accepts all people for who they are.

We are not a perfect country far from that, however we are a family, we have our problems and we fight but at the end of the day we all come to together to strengthen and create a wonderful nation.

To be or not to be…


Dear friend,

You possess the power to live freely and have happy life, and to just be and let life unfold around you. 

The beauty of life, is that we as humans have the choice, either to be happy and to just experience life at its fullest, or to be pushed around and told how to live our lives.

If you choose happiness, every obstacle in your way will be seen as a lesson and a chance to change for the better. 

However if you choose a life where others lead you, when you are faced with obstacles you will experience extreme pain and sadness.

Choose happiness and to just be. 

What I mean by ‘just be,’ is to be happy fun loving and brave enough to face the things that scare you the most head strong.


For example this past week I experienced and did things that I thought I would and maybe could never do, but because I did them. my out look on life changed. Such as; scuba diving, hosting an assembly and wearing a swim suit loud and proud ( but that’s a blog for another day).

To just be is to let Loose, it is the opportunity to live life at its fullest. It is said that ‘we regret the things that we don’t do.’ But if we love what we do, we have nothing to regret. To Live regret free is a decision based on what you want in the now or the now of the past. So if you are willing to escape the past and live without regrets, your life experience will be completely full.


Love who you are, and be who you are supposed to be, because at the end of the day all you have is yourself. Live freely, experience life to its fullest and be okay with just being.

Sixteen and un-kissed

mirror, mirror on the wall 

Where we are now, is where we come from, my now time has changed and life is amazing. 

This following week, I turned 17 and this is a reflection of the year as a sixteen year old and everything I learnt on the journey to seventeen.

Sixteen had its ups and downs, but I am truly thankful for everything.

I learnt that change is inevitable, but the only way to accept it is to truly commit to it and go with the flow.

 I learnt that bad days are not avoidable, but as long as you are willing to smile and realize that bad days are just there, for us as humans to appreciate to good days, then you can get through anything.

I realized more then ever that family is the most important thing in my life, as long as you have family you are at home. I Appreciate the little things and am extremely greatful to have people who just accept me for who I am along with all my wierd quirks.

I learnt that sometimes, you have people in your life that you love, but have to leave, as they aren’t on the same emotional level as you are, and that okay.

I learnt that, in order for me to be happy I have to be around people with positive energy. Life is to short to be around people that bring you down, so let go of the bad and just do what makes you happy. 

I learnt that, I may lose people in my life that I love, but I will gain friendships that means so much to me.

Life is about the journey, enjoy the ride and just let it be. Shine your line and choose to be the change. 


How to accept having a ‘terrible, horrible, very bad day’

So tomorrow is the start to a new month August, and in a way a new start. You can forgive yourself for having that piece of cake last week, although you were ‘trying’ to be healthy. You can forgive yourself for not calling that person, or forgetting to do that piece of work. It is a new month, a new day and time for new chances.

For me this week has been extremely stressful, scary, tiring and so on, but then I stumbled apon a movie-“Alexander, and the terrible,horrible,very bad day.” Once I had watched this movie I realized that:

1) bad days are not avoidable, because  you’ve  got to have the bad days, so that you can love the good days even more.

I know that this may sound clichè, but it is so true, without the days that make us feel sad, angry or that nothing is going our way, we as humans wouldn’t have anything to appreciate or look forward to.

The bad days are a kind of reminder that there are still good thinks to come.


2) You don’t always have to stear your boat with positivity:

next I realized that having a bad day is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s how you act towards the situation that defines how long this state of a ‘bad day’ is going to last.
What good is freaking out? Because all that will happen is that you will miss out on all the beauty of the world around you, if you freak out. So just live for the moment and accept what is happening to and around you.


There are more important things than stressing about a bad day.

3) Lastly I realized that I have a great life, and that by appreciating the little things that life has to offer, will help me to see the world in a bigger, brighter picture.
I may not have everything that I want, however I know that I have everything that I need right now in my life. By me stressing and spending my energy on things that bring me down, will not bring me any happiness into my life, but rather the opposite; sadness. 

And in order for me to live my life to its full potential, I have to live each day step by step and look for the simple beauties that each day holds.

Sometimes things may not go your way, however it’s your choice on how you choose to handle it.


Dear friend,

I may not know you, but I know that you have the strength within yourself to love.

Love is the true acceptance of a person despite all of their flaws.

There is a saying that goes “ infatuation is loving someone because you think they are perfect, love is loving them because you know they are not.”

You may not be in a relationship or you may be in one? Never the less, true love starts with you. Love is a true self-acceptance and in order to be able to love someone else you have to truly accept and love yourself for who you are.

My Zulu teacher once told me that there ‘Love’ has four parts to it.

The first kind of love is inner love; self love acceptance for who you are and who you’re not as an individual.

The second kind of love is personal love; it’s unconditional love for an individual that you may have known for a long time and you accept them fully.

The third kind of love is the love for all people, random strangers at that, and is the love for the beauty of human life. And lastly, the fourth type of love is the love that is spiritual and non –materialistic; it is the love of nature, the living and the dead as a whole.

So in order to love on a spiritual level, you have to have self-love.

Love yourself, for who you are, because when there is nobody there for you, you will always have your self.

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Thank you,

With love, from your friend


Dear friend,

You may not know me personally, however I know that within you, you hold the power to release the stuff holding you back from internal freedom. In order to unlock this internal freedom you need the gift of forgiveness and that is what I’m sending you.

The definition of forgiveness to me, is inwardly letting go of whatever it is that is holding you back from seeing the beauty of life and inwardly accepting the situation that you are forgiving even if you disagree with it.

Forgiveness is extremely personal! You have to do it for yourself, not for anybody else’s acceptance.

I know that this might sound extremely hard and you may be thinking, “ He/she has caused me extreme pain.” The truth is most of the time the people that we trying to forgive do not even realise the pain that they have caused, and even if they do, it doesn’t matter, because forgiveness starts from within us; it is the process of accepting what has happened and finding ways throughout our daily lives that causes us to understand and let go of the hurt has been caused.

Being able to forgive doesn’t mean that you have to agree with what the person has done to you, quite frankly you don’t have to look that person in the eye ever again. However forgiveness is the ability to realise that the situation may have caused you extreme pain and shock, but your willingness to accept the person’s actions and your involvement in the situation and have the ability to move on with you life, is true forgiveness.

In order to set yourself free you have to be willing to let go of whatever it is that is holding you back. There is a saying that goes, “forgive and forget”. I disagree with that saying, it should be, “forgive and don’t forget.” I think it should be this way not because you are holding on to what hurt you, but because you are accepting what has happened and are learning from it, so that it may never happen to you again.

Be free in your journey to internal freedom and forgive yourself and forgive others.

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Thank you,

With love, from your friend